Ballet is the most important of all the dance disciplines. Our classes aim to develop posture, strength, technique and performance. This beautiful art form is the backbone of all dance, requiring both physical ability and gracefulness. 

Age requirements - Nursery and above (see Tiny Tots below)


Tap classes start by learning basic rhythms and steps before progressing to more complex combinations. Our classes explore rhythms and develop coordination, timing and musicality. 

Age requirements – Reception and above


Adult tap classes also available - see below

Contemporary Modern

This subject covers many varying styles including lyrical, Broadway, contemporary and commercial. It is often seen on stage and has many theatrical qualities. Our classes develop strength and style as well as body conditioning and limbering. 

Age requirements – Reception and above

Acrobatic Arts

We are an Acrobatic Arts officially certified studio, offering safe and professional training in acrobatics.  Our classes include limbering, strengthening, flexibility, contortion, tumbling and stunt work. The acrobatic arts complement many other dance styles.

Age requirements – Year 1 and above


This subject draws inspiration from a wide variety of dance styles including street dance, disco, Bollywood, hip hop and commercial. Our classes are fun and explore many of the different styles and techniques of Freestyle dance.

Age requirements – Year 1 and above

Street Dance for Boys

We offer boys only classes to explore the various elements of street dance including locking, popping, tutting and breaking.

Age requirements – Year 1 and above

Tiny Tots (Parent & Toddler)

An introductory class for pre-school children, teaching basic movement through the use of story telling, gesture and mime. Mums and Dads can stay and watch too!

Age requirements – from 2 years

Adult Classes

We have several Adult Tap classes so whether you're a Fred, Ginger or Roly Poly, come along and get those toes tapping!

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